If the service is FREE, then how do locators get paid?

We get paid a referral commission by the apartment community where you lease. Just remember to write APARTMENT DIRECTIONS on the guest card and lease application for the apartment that you choose.

How do I get my rebate?

Your leasing agent at Apartment Directions can give you the details on qualifications. Then you can call or email us and confirm the name of the apartment community where you leased.

How do we get started?

Simply call us at 713-789-3777 or if time is a constraint, just fill out our form and our agent will contact you to start processing your search requirements.

What if I am new to the city and don't know my way around Houston?

NO PROBLEM. We are locally based. We can make an appointment and take you to the properties so your time is maximized. Don’t worry about getting lost!

What are other benefits from using your service?

Because we are based locally, we can give you important information other services can not. For example, we can give you real driving time estimations in Houston as opposed to you guessing on distance from work. We can tell you what the neighborhood is like, where the closest grocery store is, and what school district you are in and as well as the specific schools. Also, we can pass on SPECIAL DISCOUNTS offered by the apartment community.

Are my choices only apartments?

No. Sometimes your personal needs require something besides an apartment, like a house with a yard, or a high rise, or a personal choice of a townhome or loft. We have access to all this information.

What are typical lease terms?

Apartments usually require 6 or 12 month terms. However some apartment communities make exceptions for 3 month leases at a higher rate.

Do you offer other services?

Yes. We can assist you with a variety of needs. Please inquire as to what other assistance you may need.