Why a Locator?


You enjoy a savings of TIME and MONEY in your search for an apartment home. You do not need to call any other service. We have all the listings. Contacting other locators will be confusing and many of them do not extend the full service we offer.

New to Houston and not familiar with the city?

We will make an appointment to take you to tour the prospective properties that match your needs.

Are you looking for the best deal?

Many properties run specials that only we are aware of which can save you a great deal of money. You will get the advantage of these discounts by working with Apartment Directions.

Do you have special needs?

If you own a pet, or have physical limitations/ requirements that should be addressed, we can cut your research time immensely.

Why waste gas?

We will optimize the search process with our information to avoid unnecessary driving.

Do you want special amenities?

We keep detailed information on each property with all the amenities they offer such as fitness centers, gated communities, WI-FI, business, resort/spa like recreation facilities, etc.